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Brew&Bread @ One City, USJ

If anyone knows me personally, they’ll know that I’m a bit of a coffee and tea lover. I probably don’t spend that much time in cafés though, I rather make my own cuppa at home. 

Today however, my family and I went to One City Mall in USJ and tried our luck with Brew&Bread Coffee Bar. I’m not sure where this company is originated from, but the interior was lovely enough to catch our attention. 

The coffee bar apparently takes their coffee seriously, as there is nothing much in the menu besides coffee and cakes. According to the man who was serving me at the counter though, they will be revamping their menu. Not sure what will be added to the menu, but one thing that really caught my eyes was the cold drip coffee maker on the counter.

ImageLook at that beautie! The prices are RM 15/serving

Cold drip or cold brew is a type of process of making coffee which is different than normal because the coffee is steeped in cold water (or room temperature at colder geographical areas) for a period of time. My sister and I both ordered a glass of cold drip. The presentation is interesting because it feels like we’re drinking an experiment~!



Did wonder if I’ll die from drinking this, not gonna lie 😛


Cold drip coffee is strong, which is something that I liked. It had a rather sweet, smoky taste to it. The barista did say that if I disliked my coffee strong, I should serve the cold drip in a glass of ice – but I was fine without it. The only downside is that my order came extremely late because the barista forgotten all about it! I’m going to let it slide though, I hope it won’t happen again.

Another downside is that my sister couldn’t finish hers because it was too strong, so I had two glasses. I never knew what a coffee buzz felt like before this, but today I know and wow. Now I understand why some people really can’t have coffee haha!

If you’re up for something less “unique,” my dad had an order of cappucino and a slice of matcha cake. They were quite alright as well.

ImageReally adorable coffee art. That’s always a good thing 🙂


Not the best matcha I had, but it wasn’t horrible.

Overall, the experience at Brew&Bread was good. It wasn’t great just because my coffee came late and the cake was alright, but the cold drip experience really made up for it. To be fair though, the coffee bar had just opened and maybe if I had come a few weeks later, everything will be better. I’ll definitely give it a go again though 🙂

– Shera Rahman


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