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Garden Wedding in Malaysia – a pleasant surprise :)

Last Saturday I attended a wedding in Puchong with my family. We were told that it was going to be a garden wedding and knowing the Malay style of doing weddings, I knew tents were going to be involved. My worry was concerning the over-heated weather in Malaysia these days. “Errkkk….what am I going to wear!?” I thought to myself. The only outfit I had in mind was the traditional baju kurung (a two-piece Malay traditional outfit) in cotton. Simply elegant yet comfortable.

I chose my most favourite baju kurung – Kurung Pahang (a type of baju kurung originated from the Pahang state of Malaysia). The difference is that, it is wider at the bottom of the costume’s blouse, compared to normal kurung which is just straight cut. The fabric is orange base with tinge of purple and green. I love the patterns on it as it looks like a watercolour painting on a fabric. I paired it with my purple hobo and pink stilettos.



I think it’s important to be comfortable in what you wear. Often in Malaysia people would layer up or use fabrics that I know are extremely hot and do not suit our weather. Why do that? Choose breathable fabric and outfits. You can still look good without putting that much effort 🙂

The wedding was held in Puchong but my my, when we drove there we passed some really nice kampung (village) area.  When we got to the weddig venue itself, I was pleasantly surprised. OMG…IT.IS.SO.NICE!!  From the outside the venue appeared quite “mysterious” (and a little dated) as you couldn’t see through the gated area. However on the inside, the venue was painted by a scene of lakes and wooden gazebos that welcomed us all through the driveway. As soon as we got down from the car, we got immediately busy with the cameras. We totally forgot that we were right under the hot, blazing sun!


Future dream house? I think yes 😛

The venue was a private property. It was lined by a few houses that resembled European architecture. I felt like I was at the set of the ‘Letters from Juliet’ movie minus the vineyard. It felt like a European garden slash ranch with tropical trees and creeks running through it. The wedding tent itself was located next to a small creek lined by tropical trees which I found extremely nice to the eyes.


All I can say this place is perfect for a wedding, parties, or family get-togethers. The downside of it, is that this is Malaysia, a tropical country on the khatulistiwa (yeah I said it, in case you didn’t know that means equator hehe) and it can be very, very hot! Garden weddings are fairy tales but here, especially since it’s the blazing season, it was double, triple extra hot. I did wonder how the venue would look like during the night. Luckily the guest tents where we were served lunch had a lot of ceiling fans and coolers. Best part is that the host thought ahead and had a booth of free-flow soft serve cones. Good idea ayyy?? Hehe 😛

This picture is taken from Google. I forgot to take a picture of my cone because I was so excited to eat it …. All three of it. :/

Overall I had a very enjoyable experience. This makes me really want to have a garden wedding one day~!!! If that day ever comes la -_- One can dream right? 😛

– Izzah Rahman


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