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5 Tips on How To Travel With Your Girlfriends

Last year I had the pleasure of travelling with my six girlfriends to Majorca, Spain. We took the trip right after our final Masters examinations so that we could get some time to unwind before we began our internships. … But then we started getting worried about how the trip will pan out since there are seven of us altogether! We were worried about how we were going to coordinate things, and if we would get along all through the trip. Turns out, the trip was one of the best holiday moments I’ve had in my life 😀 Here are five tips on how to make your travelling trips with your girlfriends more coordinated and most importantly, fun!

1. First thing first, delegate responsibilities among your friends

If you and your girlfriends are travelling in a big group, it is important to plan and delegate tasks so that each one of you have something to do before and during your travels. Let me first introduce you to my girlfriends.


From left standing: Me, Karri, Mandy, Aidana and Tokki
Sitting: Lisa and Unnie

In our case, we had sub-teams that did different types of planning. For example, Tokki and Karri were in charge of getting air tickets. Lisa and I were in charge of accommodation (it was more Lisa though, I just want my name in there 😛 ). Our Unnie was in charge of maps and transportation when we’re there. Mandy and Aidana were in charge of looking good (just kidding, they were in charge of researching about what to do in Majorca hehe).

During the trip, we had further sub-teams. For example, Tokki, Unnie and I were in charge of grocery shopping. Lisa, Unnie, Mandy and I were also in charge of cooking. Karri and Aidana were also in charge of what to do in terms of entertainment.


When doing grocery shopping in a foreign country, probably best to have a dictionary or a translator app. Also probably best if you don’t succumb to your friend’s constant nagging. In Majorca, Tokki here was annoyed that I took too long at the spice counter and urged me to get whatever was in front of me. That night we had cinnamon-spiced dishes for our main course. . .

Additionally, if you know that you will be sharing costs when you’re travelling, you need to delegate a person who will be in charge of finances. Lisa was our lady for that. She would pay for all the shopping and then keep a tab on how much each girl owes her.

Delegating responsibilities early on sounds less spontaneous but trust me, it will reduce the chances of you getting headaches or probable arguments to come up.

2. Accommodation is key

I have my good friend Lisa to thank for this, because she is an amazing planner and a great bargain hunter! As there are seven of us, we knew hostels would be too messy for us to coordinate our time together and that hotels were too expensive! Lisa found us an amazing apartment with a sea view. How did she do it? She went away from the famous tourist areas and looked for the parts of Majorca which are more residential. Then she found an amazing apartment called Apartaments Delfin. I can’t remember exactly how much we paid per person at the time but I know it was very very little! Even if I check the availability now, it only costs about RM319/£58/US$98 for a four-bedder (with an extra sofa bed) per night. During peak seasons, the same room costs RM630/£115/US$192. Divide that by seven and we only pay about RM90/person per night during peak season.

“But that’s more expensive than hostels!!” I can hear some people saying. True, but just look at these photos and tell me if it’s not worth paying RM10+ more (at most places it’s actually equivalent to a hostel).



3. Cook together

You have a fantastic apartment, you have a fantastic kitchen, and you have your girlfriends. What else should you do?? Cook obviously! It’s insane how much fun you can have cooking with your girlfriends. You start noticing the little quirks that your friends have. You start noticing who’s a chef and who’s really bad at cooking and just from this simple task, you not only get to learn a little more about your friends, you can also do it whilst having fun! On top of it all, cooking together definitely reduces the costs of eating outside.


I take pictures because I can’t cook


Nah kidding I’m the master chef



 4. Be flexible, it’s okay to separate!

One of the problems with travelling in a group is that people often think that the group must move as one. That’s not necessarily true! Discuss on what everyone wants to do and listen to the majority, or divide your group into subgroups who can venture off into two separate directions and meet again at the end of the day.

Maybe some of you just want to rest at home after a long day of walking – let them. Don’t force everyone to move together as a pack as it’ll cause annoyance. In our group, there are age gaps between the older and the younger members. The older ones sometimes want to relax at home and enjoy the leisure time. For the younger ones, they prefer to keep doing things, walking and exploring. If the group is fine with it, we often ventured off to do our own things and reunited in a couple of hours.

In the centre of Majorca, we separated into two groups. Lisa, Unnie and I wanted to see the city centre so we went off…



… to enjoy the Majorcan city scapes


…and it’s beautiful architecture


… got some gummy bears so we could rest


On the other hand; Karri, Mandy, Aidana and Tokki ventured off to the ancient baths…


5. Have as many silly, awesome, and stupid group photos together!

This tip seems pretty silly…. and obvious! But actually in my previous travels in a group, we never really thought much to take coordinated group photos together. When I think back, why didn’t I do that?!! It’s not always that a group of your friends can really be at the same location, seeing and experiencing the same new things as you – and you want to document that. You want to document it however cheesy you can because even though I only went to Majorca last year, every time I look at the photos of all of us together, the nostalgia is so strong it makes me want to group all of us together again :’)

So get cheesy. Ask your friends to wear the same tops as you. Take pictures of you all doing each other’s hair. Take pictures of you girls in a line, or doing the same pose. Plus, I’ve lost count how many times I was left in stitches during these photo sesh so the best thing you could do is just have fun right? When else would you get the opportunity to have a band photo haha 😛Image




So those are all my tips for travelling with your girlfriends. It is indeed one of the best type of travelling I could do and man I wish I can do it again… Maybe I will get the chance again, who knows? ‘Til then,

Image Shera Rahman


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